• We focus on learning to enhance the overall quality of our performance

  • We believe that courageously expanding horizons will provide further opportunities for extension and success

  • We want to lead other organisations through our advanced-thinking, new methods and powers of collaboration  


  • We support each other both professionally and personally

  • We value difference and acknowledge strong individuals make better teams

  • We communicate with openness to help us understand, perform and improve

  • We live and act in ways that honours Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ stories in Australian history

  • We will contribute to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander landscape in a positive manner


  • We deliver on our promises and commitments

  • We will be open and honest in our interactions

  • Our business will be conducted with integrity


  • We will shape our working environment by displaying passion, pride and care for everything we do

  • We will show humility by asking for and offering help to each other

  • We will have productive workplace which is social and connected through coaching and mentoring


Engoori diagram.png

Murrimatters views complex challenges as those which often shift and change and defy simple one-off solutions. We aim to improve organisational cultural capability by resetting relationships and ways of communicating. Through Engoori®, Murrimatters supports the development of organisational cultural capability.

Engoori® facilitates the necessary dialogue to reset relationships, cultures and strategic directions. It is a strengths-based, conversational process for dealing with complex intercultural challenges. Its approach is to first gain a shared understanding of how we want to be together. From there, people are better placed to discuss the actual challenges they face, to frame the problem, and understand the assumptions driving constraining attitudes and practices.


The management of people and organisations, particularly in cross-cultural contexts in conjunction with environments constrained by political, financial and temporal criteria, often present complex challenges. A key requirement in working with complexity is the creation of robust organisational cultures, within which the topics listed all play a significant part.


Critical to Murrimatters’ approach is to start from a position that builds on the existing strengths of the people we work with. Our approach requires participants to be reflexive of their own practices and to actively challenge themselves and shift their behaviours and assumptions if required. 

Murrimatters provides opportunities through a structured process to learn from other self-motivated people who are already doing great work within their sector. We recognises the knowledge and skills already present in the client group and work with those strengths to enhance individual and group capacity to successfully meet the challenges that people face. In view of this, we work with people to enhance their ability to participate in processes to:

  • Understand personal perceptions, thoughts, judgements, actions and responses to inter-cultural contexts. 

  • Interact and engage in dialogue with people who hold differing perceptions, thoughts, judgements, actions and responses in a variety of contexts to move forward.

  • Identify specific group patterns of perceiving, thinking, judging, responding and behaving that are enabling and those that are disabling 

  • Work together to create other ways of moving forward that acknowledge and honour, local heritage and cultural specifics. 


Our approach engages participants in strength-based conversations that focus on both individual uniqueness and on group cohesion and connectivity. We engage participants in reflective and conversational processes to:

  • deepen self-awareness, 

  • build robust group cultures 

  • enhance connectivity and trust, and

  • set personal and collective leadership challenges.