Where traditional pathways connect into the modern. 


The word Yimburu means ‘life pathways’ in the Mithaka language of far western Queensland, Australia. Yimburu defines the partnership between two highly reputable and credentialed organisations; Murrimatters Pty Ltd and PBS Building. This exciting partnership is committed to fostering an aspirational and inspirational leadership and business development pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  

This initiative captures the true essence of both companies, whom have continually shown a commitment to leadership development by providing necessary spaces and opportunities for growth and self-improvement. This partnership was created to provide inspiration by responding to the needs of the Construction Industry by building capacity to produce quality products and services. It is also highly aspirational as it is designed to establish and model the significance of meaningful opportunities for First Nations peoples’ that are defined by high expectations and outstanding performance. Yimburu will inspire excellence in others and we aspire to be market leaders by continually displaying respect, trust, growth and enjoyment.



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Yimburu, through PBS and Murrimatters, have experience and projects ranging from Hervey Bay in Queensland through to the South Coast of NSW and the ACT. Click through the gallery below to see some of the construction projects or visit www.pbsbuilding.com.au to find out more about PBS. 

To find out more about the leadership, strategy and cultural awarness projects, visit www.murrimatters.com 


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